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6th International Conference & Exposition on Petroleum Geophysics



6 th International Conference & Exposition on Petroleum Geophysics
Understanding the Anomalous Behaviour of Dual Induction Log Against Highly Conductive Thin Bed – A Case Study.
An Integrated Evaluation of Geoscientific Data to Bring out Hydrocarbon Entrapment Model of South Nagapattinam Subbasin, Cauvery Basin.
Establishing Connectivity Between Mukta and Bassein Formations of Bassein Field by Wire-line Formation Pressure Study.
Explosive Safety In Logging Operation.
Outlook on the Possibility for Slope Stability Evaluation According to Petrophysical and Integrated Geophysical Data.
2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography of a Landslide in Garhwal Himalaya.
Reduction of Cost and Time by Clubbing Recovery Shooting of Data Gaps with Normal Shooting – A Case Study.
Integrating Field Processing Unit (FPU) with Seismic Data Acquisition System (SN388) for Facilitating Real Time QC of Field Data.
M.Das, Maharaj Singh, M.Muruganandan* & Dr.D.V.R. Murti.
PC Based Interactive SPS Conversion Software.
QHSE-MS in Geophysical Parties of ONGC.
An Overview Of Some HSE Issues Related To Occupational Safety(ISO 14001:1996) and Health (OHSAS 18001:1999 )In Geophysical Operations Of ONGC.
A Case History of Mapping Faulting in Valley-filled Sediments using Nonsesmic Data-Environmental, Engineering and Exploration Applications.
A Novel Method for Estimating in-situ Seismic Velocities for Porous Rocks Containing Hydrocarbons, including an Application of the Method to Correcting Sonic Log Velocities.
The Impact of Sealing Fault on Enhanced Oil Recovery- A Case Study from Northern Part of Balol Field.
Formation Evaluation of Unconventional Basaltic Deccan Trap Basement Reservoir of Gamij Field, Cambay Basin, India.
An Overview of Santhal Field, an EOR Implemented Field of Cambay Basin, Inferred from 3D Seismic
Application of Adaptive Processing Technique for the Inversion of Open Hole Logs Recorded in Oil Fields of Indian Basins.
Validation of Input and Output Parameters for Realistic Evaluation of Open Hole Logs Through Inverse Modeling
Validation of Shaly Sand Model using Electrical Core Measurements in Low Resistive Reservoirs of Upper Assam,India
Seismic Expression of Layer Bound Polygonal Fault System: An Example from Bass Basin of Australia.
Toward the Low Frequencies: Land and Marine Equipment.
Geophysical Characterization of Zamora Municipality (Guatire), Miranda State, By Natural Seismic Noise and Gravimetric Methods.
Integration of Open Hole Data with Flow Period Production Log Data as a Key for Sensing Reservoir Bounds of Permeable Layers Occurring not far from the Wellbore.
Laboratory Determination of Compressional and Shear Wave Velocities and their Inter-relationships on Core Samples of GS-15 & 23 Structures of KG Basin.
Sand Dispersal Pattern, Depositional Processes, Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Lower Cretaceous (Cenomanian- Turonian) Bhuvanagiri Sandstone of Ariyalur- Pondicherry Sub Basin, Cauvery Basin, India
Improvement of Signal/Noise Ratio and Fault Imaging with Full 3D Prestack Kirchoff Time Migration: A Case Study from Upper Assam
Well Log Data Management (LogDB ) – Its Role and Application in E&P Business.
2D DC Resistvity Data Interpretation Using Analytical Signal Approach.
Significance and Laboratory Characterization of High Gamma Clay Markers:Examples from Pasarlapudi Formation, Pasarlapudi Field, KG Basin.
Frequency Dependent Attenuation of High Frequency P and S Waves in the Upper Crust of Garhwal, Himalaya.
3-D Seismic Survey in Gobindpur Area of Bengal Basin: A Paradigm Shift in Approach to Data Quality and Inter-regional Crew Mobilization in ONGC.
Use of Fractal Geometry for Determination of Pore Scale Rock Heterogeneity
Reservoir Classification and Geological Remodeling of Kalol Sands of Sobhasan Complex, North Cambay Basin, India
Integrated modelling of Durgapur Depression (Damodar Basin)
Explanations for Specific Devastation Locations in Southern India Due to Tsunami of 26th December, 2004
Generation of High-Resolution Synthetic Seismogram from Image Logs for Advanced Reservoir Applications
Interval Velocity Analysis after Wave-Equation Datuming
Estimation of Dip of Oblique Fractures Using AVOA Analysis
The Brenda Field Development: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach
Assessing Uncertainty in Rock Physics Interpretations: The Pitfalls of Ignoring Variability
Knowledge Management - A Beacon for Excellence in Exploratory Data Management
3D SRME: An Acquisition Independent Approach
Reservoir Characterization and Management of an Aquifer Driven Reservoir -A Case History
Cross-equalization for Time-lapse Study in Balol Field, India
Denoising of Ship Gravity Data Using Wavelet Transform Approach
Negotiation with NSO (Non Seismic Object) – 2D Land Seismic Surveys
Application of Inverse Q Filtering to Land Seismic Data to Improve Signal where there is no VSP Data Control
Attenuation of Acquisition Footprint in 3D Land Data - A Case Study
Removal of High Amplitude Noise and Preservation of Relative Amplitudes – A Case Study.
PetroSI: Petrophysical Seismic Inversion for More Accurate and Precise Reservoir Properties
High-Resolution 3D Tomographic Model Muilding Using Automatic, Dense Volumetric Picking
A Typical Amplitude Effect on Seismic Wave Velocity and Attenuation in Consolidated Rocks Under Pressure (Rock Physics)
Directivity Correction of Seismic Data for Improved AVO Analysis of Bottom Simulating Reflector
Seismic Acquisition with 3C Digital Point Receivers: Practical Aspects
A Simple Approximation to the P-wave Reflection Coefficient and its Implication in the Amplitude Variation with Offset (AVO) Data for Gas Hydrate Identification
Petrophysical Features of Linch Pay from Jotana & Linch Field of Mehsana Block, North Cambay Basin
Modeling of Deep Structures of Andaman Subduction Zone from Satellite Gravity Data.
Seismic Reservoir Characterisation Using a Long Offset Simultaneous Elastic Inversion. A Case Study: the Gryphon field, UK, North Sea
Reservoir Characterization of Gandhar Pay Sands by integrating NMR log data with conventional open hole logs – A Case Study.
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Option on Alaskan North Slope
Azimuthal Reflection Coefficients and Estimation of Anisotropic Parameters from Seismic Data
Value Addition Using Cement Evaluation by Ultra Sonic Imaging Tool In Upper Assam Oil Fields
Design, Implementation & Integration of customized seismic software solutions through Application Programming Interface -A value addition in Exploration Data Management
Enhancing Accuracy in Staking and Mapping of New Locations Using in-house Developed Softwares to Minimize the Development / Exploration Risk
Fractured Reservoir Characterization from Seismic Azimuthal Anisotropy and Well Log Analysis
A Study of Uphole to Determine the Shooting Medium for Seismic Reflection Survey at Himalayan Foot Hill Area
Two Dimensional Display of Well Logs of High Deviation Wells
Static Correction for Vibroseis Data over South Kharatar, Rajasthan, India-A Case History
Evaluation of Low Resistivity Laminated Shaly Sand Reservoirs
Inversion of Azimuth Dependent Seismic Velocities and Amplitudes to Characterize Fracture Geometry and Fluid Infill
Land 3C-2D Seismic Data Processing – Analysis of Crucial Issues
A Comparison of Four Geophysical Methods for Determining the Shear Wave Velocity of Soils
Delineation of Middle Eocene Channel Facies By Synergestic Approach –A Case Study From Wadu-Paliyad –North Kalol Field, Cambay Basin, India
Study of Tectonic Elements of Punjab Plains from Satellite Imagery, Drainage Network and Gravity Anomalies
Strong Motion Impact of Large Earthquakes in the Seismic Zonation of NE Part of India
Optimizing Spread Geometry for Effective 3D Survey in South Nambar, A&AA Basin, Assam
Did Madagascar and Seychelles Separate Simultaneously from India?
Logistics- Is it Really an Issue for Acquiring Seismic Data ? A Case History in Mizoram NELP Block of India
Geological Attributes and Depositional History of Becharaji Inversion Structure in the Western Depression of Mehsana Block North Cambay Basin
Insights on Olpad Formation: -Assessment of Hydrocarbon Play Types in North Cambay Basin, India
A Grid Computing Infrastructure for Research in Geophysics: EGEODE
On the generation of Digital Elevation Model by SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) Interferometry and SRTM data and its application in hydrocarbon Exploration
Data Acquisition Technology for Full Wave Imaging
Reservoir Delineation of Lower Kalol Pays and Field Growth in Wadu and Paliyad Areas, Cambay Basin, India
Multicomponent Seismic Data Interpretation Cycle
Field Study Of Shear Fractures – Its Tectonic Significance And Possible Application In Hydrocarbon Exploration
– An Example From Vindhyan Basin
Current E&P Data Management and Reporting in ONGC-AStep Towards Right Time Data Availability & Future Consolidation
Evaluation of Shaly Sand Reservoirs with Anomalous Log Response In Kamlapuram Field -A Case Study
Flooding the Datum for Land Data with Rugged Acquisition Topography: A Case History in Himalayan Foothills
Identification of Reservoir Facies within Carbonate and Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Sequence: Application of Seismic Stratigraphy, Seismic Attributes and 3D Visualization
Processing of Magneto Telluric Sounding Data for Pseudo Depth Sections
Formation Evaluation in Complex Lithology Using NMR data A Case Study of Western Onshore Basin, India
Study of Log Derived Crossplots for Predicting the Fingerprints of Gas Sands on Stack Seismic Data Through AVO Modeling-A Case Study
Geophysical Data Management Through EPINET Project
Interpretative Processing of Seismic data for Thin Sands: A Case study in Nardipur Low Area of Kalol Field, Cambay Basin, India.
Bouguer Reduction with Lateral Variable Surface Densities- A Model Based Case Study in Geologically Complex Frontier Area
Basin Inversion and Hydrocarbon Entrapment in Ramnad & Palk Bay Offshore of Cauvery Basin, India
Advantage of Digital Sensors Over Analog Sensors in Enhancing Seismic Resolution – A Case Study from Cambay Basin
PC-Based Interactive Trace Editing Software
Virtual Learning: A Paradigm Shift – ONGC Experience
Impact on Estimation of Water Saturation Values Using Laboratory Determined ‘a’, ‘m’ & ‘n’ Parameters – A Case Study
Exploration for Deeper Unconventional Aquifers – A Feasibility Study in Western Rajasthan Based on Information from Drilled Wells of ONGC
Structural Interpretation of Dipmeter Log – A Case Study from Baramura Field of Tripura
Gas Identification in Shaly Sand Reservoirs Using Neutron Porosity vs. Sonic Travel Time Log Overlay Technique – Case Studies from Tripura Basin
An Innovative Acquisition Design for Optimum Focusing of Multiple Objective Seismic Data
Exploring the Benefits of Streamer Overlap Shooting for 3D and 4D Seismic Surveys
Static Correctons: Is it a Key Issue in Imaging Subsurface in Fold Belt?- A Case History in Langai Area, Assam Arakan
Fold Belt
Gas Hydrate Volume Estimations in the Western Continental Margin of India
Quantitative Assessment of Gas Hydrates from AVO Crossplot
Advanced 3D Seismic Modeling Studies as a Tool for Effectve Seismic Campaign for Exploring Strati-structural Features in Developing Field
Offset VSP Surveys Going Beyond Traditional Boundaries: A Case Study
The Application of Hierarchical Seismic Attribute Combination to High Precision Infill Well Planning in the South Tapti Field, Offshore Western India
Removal of Coherent Linear Noise without “Side Effects”and its Application to Pre-stack and Post-stack Seismic Data
Seismic Attenuation as a DHI Tool: Laboratory Measurements to Understand the Effect of Fluids and Pressure
on Elastic Wave Attenuation
Enhancing Sub Basalt Imaging Using Depth Domain Processing
Solutions to Brownfield Problems by Using Casing Inspection Tool
Sub-basalt Imaging Using Wide-angle Reflection Data In Tau-p Domain - A Case Study
Shallow Refraction Survey Avoiding Explosive Permanently and Consistently
Parallel 2D Pre-Stack Imaging On PARAM Padma
Designing of Geometry to Reduce Acquisition Footprints in Slant Geometry Being Used in ONGC
On the Applicability of Gassmann Model in Carbonates
Analysis of Gravity Data for Estimating Thickness of Pre-Sylhet Sediments (Gondwana) in Dhansiri Valley of Assam & Assam Arakan Basin
Reservoir Stress Modeling for an Oilfield, Cauvery Basin
Integrated Seismic Inversion and Quantification of Reservoir Properties in GOM Onshore and Offshore Basins
Impact of Irregularities of 3D Seismic Geometry on Subsurface Imaging
Can Shallow Refraction Survey Replace Uphole Survey?
In Search of Hidden Gas: Simultaneous Inversion for Acoustic Impedance and Elastic Properties, SW Tapti, Offshore Western India
Satellite Based Seismic Technology
Field Examples Elucidate the Value Addition Through NMR Logging in Western Region of ONGC
Understanding Structural Configuration on the Basis of 3D Seismic Attributes in Dhansiri Valley, Assam.
Single Frequency Seismic Attribute Based on Short Time Fourier Transform, Continuous Wavelet Transform,
and S Transform
Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of the Kopili Formation in the Area Between Borholla and
Khoraghat, Dhansiri Valley, South Assam Shelf
Pre Stack Imaging in Gobindpur Area, West Bengal Basin – A Case Study
Basin Centered Gas Accumulation (BCGA) as a Significant Future Gas Source in India
Structure and Evolution of Saurashtra Arch in Kutch- Saurashtra Deepwater Area, Western India.
Integrated Approach for Reliable Estimation of Permeability Profiles- A Case Study of L-II Reservoir of Mumbai High
Sequence Stratigraphic Approach for Identification of Hydrocarbon Plays in Mahanadi Offshore Basin
Degam Wedge Sediments- A New Petroleum Play An Outcome of Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Narmada-
Broach Block, South Cambay Basin, Gujarat, India
Petroleum System of Bengal Basin in Bangladesh
Utilization of Geophysical Technologies to Help Deliver Record Beating Oil Production in the Panna Field, Offshore West India
Confirmation of Gaseous Hydrocarbons from AVO Study Over Shallow Gas Prospects – A Case History
Deepwater Exploration In The NW Niger Delta: Are There Parallels For Indian Exploration?
Dip Filter for Enhancement of Subsurface Imaging at Deeper Prospects – A Case Study
Field Depth Conversion Using Seismic Inversion
Fault Seal Analysis - It’s Bearing on Development Plan of Clastic Reservoirs, Kalol Field, Cambay Basin, India
P Mapping of Sub-Aqueous Canyon And Channel Fill Reservoirs of Kamalapuram Formation: A New Exploration Target in Ramnad Sub basin, Cauvery Basin
Late Eocene to Early Oligocene Depositional System in Assam Shelf
Integrating Well Data with Velocity-Depth Modeling: A Case Study from Upper Assam Basin
Imaging for a Sharper Subsurface View Through PSTM
A New Approach in Processing in Fold Belt Area - A Case History in Assam Arakan Basin
Characterization of Carbonate Reservoir from Core and Well Logging Data- A Case Study
Attenuation of Ground Roll Using Wavelet Transform
The Study of Static Correction for Seismic Data Acquired in Boulder Bed Areas of Pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh)
Identification of Deep-water Depositional Features on Dipmeter and Borehole Image Logs- A Case Study from Cauvery Basin, India
Bridging Seismic Data Gaps: A Curtain Raiser for Future Recoveries
Problems and Challenges in Conducting Seismic Survey Operations in Logistically Difficult Hilly and Rugged Terrain of
the Foothills of Uttaranchal – A Case Study
Evaluation of Near Subsurface Vs Distribution Map Using SPT-Uphole Tomography Method
Site Characterization using Harmonic Wavelet Analysis of Wave (HWAW) Method
An Intergrated Approach to Shallow Gas Exploration; A Case History of the Use of Electrical Methods, Thrace Basin, Turkey
Marine MT & Controlled Source Electro-Magnetics for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Net-to-gross from Seismic P and S Impedances: Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis using Bayesian Statistics
Geo-statistical Estimation of Pay Thickness by Combining the Seismic and Well Data – A Case Study
Detection of Oil Seepages in Oceans by Remote Sensing
Decision of Shooting Medium in Land Seismic Data Acquisition in Areas Having Energy Transmission Problem - A Case Study from Cambay Basin
Quality Control in Modern Recording Systems, Benefits Beyond Contract Compliance
Analytical Approach to Acquire 3D Seismic Data in Tidal Affected Areas- A Case History from Cambay Basin, India
Quality Control of Residual Statics on an Interactive Processing System
Feasibility Study of Time-Lapse Seismic: A Case Study
Automated Stacking Velocity Computation in Thrust Belt Areas – A Case Study from Upper Assam
Determination of Optimum Average Density for Bouguer Correction – A Case Study in Tirasujanpur Area, Himachal
Pradesh, India.
Identification of Low Resistivity Hydrocarbon Bearing Gs-11 Sand Through Acoustic Impedance Property
Formation Strength Estimation From Well Log Data For Sand Cut Analysis in Tapti – Daman Area, Western Offshore Basin, India
Predicting Lithofacies Using Artificial Neural Network and Log-Core Correlations
Seismic Expressions of Submarine Channel - Levee Systems and Their Architectural Elements
Reducing Exploration Risk Using the Latest Land Seismic Systems
Using Geostatistical Inversion of Seismic and Borehole Data to Generate Reservoir Models for Flow Simulations of Magnolia Field, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Model Based Seismic Data Acquisition in Himalayan Foothills
Depth Conversion of 3D Post Stack Seismic Migrated Time Horizons Through Map Migration Using Stacking Velocity Coherency Inversion Method – An Analysis of A 3D Seismic Volume
Impact of Phase Variations on Quantitative AVO Analysis
Imprints of Mesozoic-Paleozoic strata and Eocene Carbonates in J&K Sub-Himalaya : Potential Rocks for Hydrocarbon
Missing Trace Restoration by Interpolation on 3D Regular Seismic Grid
Identification of Reservoir Facies Within Coal Units Using Well Log Data Integrated With Core And Production Data in Kalol Field, India.
Application of 3-D SRME and Multiple Diffraction Removal in the Makassar Straits, Indonesia.
Deep Gas Exploration In Cambay Basin, India – A Case Study
Fast Vertical Positioning with GPS & EGM96 Geoid Model
Value Addition in Seismic Imaging Through New Approach inStatics - A Case Study in Fold Belt Area of Assam & Assam-Arakan Basin
Improved Seismic Data Acquisition Through Model Studies, Field Experimentation, New Innovative Techniques and
Recovery Methods: A Case Study from Banaskandi in Cachar Belt of Assam
Syn-Rift Sequences Through Transfer Zones– Thrust Area for Future Exploration in Cambay Basin, Western India
New Technique for Modeling Movable Water Saturation Distributions: Application in LII Reservoir of Mumbai High
Reducing Seismic Risk from the Air Utilising Airborne Geophysics to assist Petroleum Exploration
Environment Friendly Seismic Surveys in Logistically Difficult Areas within Brahmaputra River-Bed – A Case Study
Earthquake Seismology, Exploration Seismology, and Engineering Seismology: How Sweet It is --- Listening to the
Imaging Sub-Thrust Over Langai Anticline- A Model Based Approach
Model Based Processing in Gojalia Area, Tripura
Utilizing Magnetic Signatures Related to Hydrocarbons
Enhancing Search of Hydrocarbons Through Application of Creativity Techniques to Petroleum Exploration Stages
Pre-stack Merging of Different 3D Seismic Data Sets in Gandhar, Jambusar and North Sarvan Fields of South Cambay
Basin: A Case Study
Extraction of Vp & Vs of Sea Bottom Sediments, Directivity Correction, and QCof Amplitudes for Inversion of Marine Seismic Data
Exploration Leads from Gravity and Magnetic Data in Kerala-Konkan Basin, India.
Seismic Inversion-An Effective Tool for Reservoir Delineation- A Case Study; Tulsapattinam Area Cauvery Basin
Application of Time Slice Processing for Acquisition Footprints Removal
Post-stack Seismic Headers Standardization – QC Tools
Deepwater Geohazards Study and Best Survey Approach
A Novel Approach to Numerical Integration of Conventional, Multi-Component Induction, and Magnetic Resonance Data in Thinly Bedded Sand-Shale Systems
Electrofacies Classification – A Critical Approach
Effectiveness of Geostatistical Method in Converting Time Map into Depth Map – A Case Study in MHS Area
Modelling Fluvial Sandstone Architecture in a Mature Oilfield of Upper Assam Basin using Old Geophysical Logs
Acoustic to Elastic Impedance –A New Tool for Reservoir Characterisation
Environment of Deposition and Sand Development Pattern From Image Log- A Case Study from North Chandmari Area of Upper Assam Basin
MEMS Based Digital Geophones with Onboard Sigma Delta Modulator
Imaging of Deeper Events in Panidhing Area, Upper Assam, India
A Case Study on Simulation of Seismic Reflections for 4C Ocean Bottom Seismometer Data in Anisotropic Media Using Gas Hydrate Model
Structural Analysis and Prospect Evaluation of GS-1 Sand in Gandhar Area, South Cambay Basin, India
Application of Converted Wave Data to Image the Mishrif Formation in Offshore U.A.E.
Geochemistry of Gas Seeps from Surface Shows and Wells of the Himalayan Foreland Basin
Hydrocarbon Exploration of Mesozoic in Kutch Offshore Area
Sand Dispersal Pattern within Panna Formation in Central Graben, Bombay Offshore Basin:-A Model Based Approach
Crustal Velocity Structure of the Western Part of the Narmada-Son Lineament - A Case Study using DSS Data
The Geochemical Composition of Oils and Sediments From Ahmedabad-Mehsana Block of North Cambay Basin, India
What Should I Correlate? Peak Or Trough!
New Acquisition Techniques for Imaging Beneath Salt and Basalt
MTEM: The Next Step in EM Surveying
Median Filtering Techniques for Attenuation of Linear Noise in Seismic Data: A Comparative Study
Using Single-Sensor Acquisition and Processing Techniques to Acquire Lower-fold Exploration Data that can be Re-used for Reservoir Surveys
Sharpening the Edges to Leverage Seismics
Finite-Difference Modeling of Fractured Media
Minimization of Risk in Extraction of Peripheral Hydrocarbons: Delineation of Pinchouts in Basin Margin from Bouguer Gravity Data
Lessons Learnt in Time-Lapse Seismic Reservoir Monitoring
High-Resolution 4D Acquisition
A Model With an Image:The Paradox of Bad Velocity Models and Good Looking Seismic Images
Seismic Imaging Using Stacking Velocity Inversion (SVI) Technique
Natural Hazards-Disaster Management and Mitigation – A Review
Nonlinear Amplitude Transforms for Enhancing Phase Correlation
Time Lapse Imaging in Studying the Unsaturated Zone and the Variographic Analysis of Resulting Resistivity Values.
Imaging Crustal and Moho Configuration in NW region of Deccan Syneclise, Gujarat Using Pre-Stack Depth Migration
of Wide-Angle Seismic Data
Interpretation of Gravity Data Using Wavelet Transform
Texture Attribute Applications To 3D Seismic Data
Deeper Eocene Prospects Revisited in Time and Space -A Case History from North Assam Shelf
A Fusion of Prestack and Petrophysics – Know Before You Drill
3D CRS Processing: A Better Use of Pre-stack Data
Advanced PSDM Approaches for Sharper Depth Imaging
Rockphysics: Applications for Reservoir Studies
Recent Large Earthquakes in India with Special Reference to The 2004 Sumatra –Andaman Earthquake
Monitoring Reservoir Fluids using Micro Earthquake Technology: Alternative to 4D Seismic
Facies Modelling in Irap RMS: Turbidites
The Time Has Come for Time-lapse Seismic
Up-Coming Drilling Technology Revolution in CBM
True Amplitude Migration-Inversion in Phase Space
High Velocity-Gradients in West Bengal Sedimentary Basin, India from Travel-Time Inversion of Wide-Angle Seismic Data and Multiples of First Arrivals
Advances in Converted-Wave Seismic Exploration
4-D Cross-Equalization and Offset Equalization Using A Neural Networks Approach
NJORD, Multi Azimuth, Multi Vintage Pre-Stack Depth Migration for Improved Image of Structure and Reservoir -A Case History from Offshore Norway
ANN Paradigms and Applications with Examples in Geophysics and Oil Exploration
Geophysical Technology for Exploration
Heavy Oils – Seismic Properties
Pitfalls In 3-D Seismic Interpretation On Workstations
Discovering Medium-Giant Fields- Perspectives and Challenges
Mitigating Risk in Oil Exploration- A Keynote Address
Solutions for Deep Water Imaging
Exploration of Gas – New Horizons
Simultaneous Inversion of Pre-Stack Seismic Data
Delineation of the Structure of off-shore Basin From inversion of Satellite Gravity Data
Visualization And Interpretation of Multi-disciplinary Data Volumes
Fluid Flow Modeling Through Fractured Porous Medium
Application of Common offset Inversion over a Simple Geological Model
Identification of the Causative Source and Depth from Enhanced Local Wavenumber Analysis
Mapping Electrically Anisotropic Sediments Below Anisotrppic Deccan Trap
Delineating and resolving the thin sandwitched layer parameters using differential curves
A comparative study of the various wave equation migration techniques applied to synthetic data
Receiver Function (RF) Estimation Using Short Period Seismological Data
2 D Forward Modeling and Inversion of Seismic Refraction Data
Intigrated Ground Water Resources Mapping In Balsmand Area of Hisar District, Haryana Using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques
Interval Velocity Modeling and 2D Pre-Stack Depth Migration of Synthetic Seismic Data
3D Surface-Related Multiple Elimination: Some Techniques
Role of Multi Component in Fracture Mapping
Evaluating Seal Potential
Seismic Anisotrophy: Yesterday , Today, and Tomorrow
Society of Petroleum Geophysicists, India
Emerging Computing Technologies for E&P  2006 & Beyond
Geosequestration of CO2: Using Proven Technologies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions to the Atmosphere